March 2023 Newsletter

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Praise the Lord!  We have seen such a great move of the Lord already this year.  February has been wonderful!  We’ve experienced countless miracles in each meeting as we ministered and prayed for so very many hurting people.  God wants us all to be in health and to prosper as our souls prosper.  Give your life fully to Him.  He will take it and bless it and multiply it like you could never imagine.  He’s the King of kings and Lord of lords and He’s coming soon!

Under the big tent in Abbeville, AL right on Hwy 431 we have been blessed with the mighty Presence of the Lord and His awesome power.  It ran March 3, 2023 through March 9.  It was such a good revival!  People were getting healed and delivered!  A different group of people showed up nearly every night.

Tuesday night Bro. Lane Ringer preached on “you are commissioned to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.”  It was really good.  He anointed several to go.  Bro. Lane is on fire for God.
He and Bro. Jerry Blackmon have done a wonderful job of bringing forth the Word and stirring the hearts of the people.  Services are lengthy and filled with the Presence of Angels and the Holy Ghost Anointing.  It has been so refreshing to be in these meetings.

These meetings were giving God’s people an opportunity to drink from the spiritual waters.
Bro. Jerry Blackmon and Bro. Lane Ringer spearheaded this six night meeting with Bro. Timothy finishing up Thurs. night, March 9.  Heb. 1:7 Who maketh His Angels spirits and His Ministers a flame of fire.  It was exciting to see the way God used them!

During the meeting many in attendance were given an opportunity to sing or testify.
(It had been years since some had had such a wonderful chance to obey the Lord.)

There was such a sweet Presence of God under the tent.  Bro. Timothy was Awesome!
With a Word from the Lord that HE had opened a portal in the center of America which extended to the entire United States, he began prophesying!

*Now we have the KEYS to do MIRACLES!  The entire Evangelistic Team will be backed by the Lord as we go forth obeying Him.
*There will be so many EXPLOSIONS of revival that these revival fires cannot be put out!
*The HEAVENLY Portal is opening now.  The satanic portal is going to the pit because Christians are going to bombard Heaven in prayer.  II Chron. 7:14 If My people which are called by My
Name shall humble themselves and pray and seek My Face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
*President of Uganda is going to die.  (2nd time prophesied.)
*Bro. Timothy said revival is going to breakout in courtrooms. People would begin to speak in tongues and Judges would weep before the people.  The people would be escorted out.

Several have had healings this week. God healed one woman with a brain tumor. A man was healed of a big sore on the back of his neck. He was saved and gave his heart to the Lord. He just cried because he felt a change and that sore was going away! The young lady that came in on a wheelchair, the next night she walked in with a walker!  Bro. Timothy had told her the change was for sure when he prayed for her.  She praised God and the whole family rejoiced!  Her grandmother came and Bro. Timothy said she had death on her. He cursed death and God healed her kidneys and her lungs!  Life came into her!  You could see it in her face!

Bro. Jerry Blackmon held a service of repentance.  He encouraged people to come to the altar and repent and give their lives to Jesus.  Many got saved and that’s the night one entire family returned to the Lord!  Bro. Jerry also gave forth a prophecy concerning the times we are living in right now.  He also ministered to some individuals.  He’s a powerful man of God.

Several people got delivered and saved.  A whole family came back to God in this revival!  One young man in his twenties had lived with his grandma several years and had given her such a difficult time, got saved this week!  He is a changed man!  Praise God!

Tent days are here again!  Praise the Lord for all He has accomplished under this portable Tabernacle in Abbeville, AL!  We have seen the mighty Hand of God every night in these meetings!  If you could not be here, then take the time to read all the GOOD REPORTS and Look what the Lord has done!  He healed our bodies!  He touched our minds!  He saved us and just in time!  Yes!  Look what the Lord has done!

Then on to CLIO, AL BLUE SPRINGS WORD of TRUTH CHURCH:  MARCH 10,11 at 6pm. Then Sun., March 12 at 10:30 am for:  Hope, Healing and Deliverance!  The people who were present were ages 65 up.  They had been going to other churches until they found out that I was coming to preach three services.  So, they all made their way back to Clio.  Saturday night I prayed for all who asked for prayer.    The final service on Sunday morning was an absolute crescendo that made us think of the Lewis Awakening in the Scotland Islands!  I prophesied that the Lord had heard the prayers of these united believers in Clio and that He was going to send a mighty revival here.  I saw as I prophesied people outside lined all the way to the parsonage.  I saw highway signs having to be put out for parking as so many people turned out for this awakening! Came to find out a grandpa of one present had prophesied the very same thing when he was alive.  One man had been trying to find the orange cones for the church but not knowing why till this morning!  Church will fill up!  The Power of God will fall in this place!

Miracles will happen without hands laid on them!  Something is going to happen in this country to cause people to flock here!  Cars will park everywhere!
God is on the move where the people are praying!  He is going to bring an awakening to the hearts of those who cry out in sincerity to Him and the change will be apparent.

Wed., March 15, 2023 GOOGLE NEWS posted my video of March 13 on the FEDERAL EXPRESS CRASH.   The Lord gave me two dreams of this in two consecutive nights.  HE said this would be a sign HE is not through with America.
If you have not viewed the video yet, it is on my Rumble and my YouTube channels.  You’ll need to watch it several times and be sure to remember this is going to be the sign given that the Lord is not through with America and is going to do all He promised!

My video on The Battle for America was posted on March 17, 2023.  That dream of mine was so outstandingly encouraging.  I saw Sen. Lauren Boebart again in this one.  She was praying two times in my dream.  The first was in the Senate then in the Cabinet room.  She introduced Pres. Trump when he was escorted in.  The date was:  Nov. 8, 2024.  Pres. Trump made such a glorious speech to encourage all America as they watched on live coverage from all over the States.  All people present in the Cabinet room were so excited we were going to get America great again!

Here's a pic of Sen. Lauren praying in the Capitol building earlier this very week:
As she prayed, she spoke to the Lord just like she would have at home.  She prayed sincerely for our country as she talked to the Lord out of her heart.
She thanked Him for giving His life for us.  Sen. Lauren said we come boldly to the Throne because of the blood of Jesus, His redemptive blood shed for all mankind who will but receive Him.
“We love You because You first loved us.”
Thank you, Jesus, for a politician that will pray!
Our next meeting was the Global Vision Faith Center in Philadelphia, MS on the Choctaw Indian Res. on March 24, 25.  March 24 was a great healing service at 6pm.  Then on March 25 we had a prophetic panel discussion 10-12am with a service 2-5pm.  
I ministered to nearly everyone who came to the Fri. evening service.  I told them a wealth transfer is coming.  Deut. 28:1-14 tells us of His blessings to those who obey him.  I prophesied to these Native American Indians that the government will increase their pay.  I said God is going to save your people and your young people.  He will deliver them from drugs and alcohol.

The Saturday afternoon panel on the prophetic was reset to morning 10 to 12.  I discussed the prophetic with three others.  We had an enlightening time.

Then Saturday afternoon we had a church service 2pm to 5pm.  I sang There’s One More Exodus Coming right before I preached.  We had Communion at the very first of my message for I said, He is baptizing us into a NEW LIFE.  We’re walking into a new Kingdom that we’ve never been in before.  This OUTPOURING of the Holy Ghost over this Nation and the entire world is going to be greater in the Latter end than ever it has been even than in the beginning.

This hour is like when they crossed the Jordan.  This change has never been known before.  Our hearts must get right to be moved into a place by the Spirit of God so we can be sent to go forth abroad and share with the world.  God’s going to stand with you who give your all.

Jesus is looking for those who will walk with Him “in the cool of the day.”  He’s saying to them, “Come unto Me.  Tell Me your troubles – all that’s bothering you so I can help you.”  Jesus is a FIXER.

I feel to anoint everyone of you and to bless you.  This word I’m fixing to release on you is going to help you birth forth in the Spirit.  The Prophet Isaiah says, When Zion travails, she’ll bring forth children.  There’s LABOR with this.  It takes the travail before the souls are born into the Kingdom.

God has a place in “Noah’s Ark” that will keep you in this day and hour.  His Spirit SEALS you unto the Day of REDEMPTION.  Remember the 144,000 had to be sealed before the judgments could begin on this earth.

He’s got you in the Palms of His Hands like He had Daniel in the den of lions.  The Books of Daniel and Revelation are coming together in this day.  The man child of Rev. 12:5 is the Revival of the endtime.  It is the great HARVEST.  

The Lord spoke to me after the service this morning while we were eating lunch.  “I’m going to push this man child out.  This move will go all over the world.”  We’re in that day—that time.
I want to anoint and pray for you now.  As you have lined up:  Be blessed and birthed into the Kingdom for this LATTER DAY of the Holy Ghost.  Did you feel His Holiness walk in here?  Bless them to go forth and spread this Gospel through all the world.  In the Name of Jesus.

We’re in less than a week going into the new month of April.  My wife Rose is going out for the second time to WA state to hold a meeting with the people from Ukraine and that area.  They are so looking forward to her coming again.  

I’m really excited about our meeting coming up in the event center in Peoria, IL the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of April.  A multitude has signed up to be in this meeting.  It is going to be absolutely great!  Sis. Julie Greene and Geron Davis and Kindred Souls will be there and others.  I will be preaching and praying for the sick.  These meetings are my heart.  I love doing what I do.

Our church is coming along.  We surely are eagerly awaiting the day when the foundation will be laid!  We appreciate all you who stand with us.  

God is moving in this earth to bring this last day move into perspective.  He is giving an ample opportunity to one and all to be saved and be in His Kingdom.  There’s no time in history that is greater than this!  Work while it is day as the Lord has told us.  Amen.


Greetings to each of you!  Praise the Lord for all His blessings on each one of us!  He has been so good to us all our days and especially this year.  All three of these months have been glorious in every meeting we have been blessed to be in.
We still are in awe of how greatly the Lord moved in the January meeting in Grand Ridge under the tent!  Packed out and an overflow people were reaching out for more of Jesus!
Every one of the meetings have had such wonderful miracles and healings.  Glorious are all the testimonies!  
The tent meeting in Abbeville was marvelous!  God really moved in allowing His Precious Word to come forth!  Again, the people reached out in faith and received outstanding miracles!
If you have a need in your life, reach out right now.  He can meet that need right where you are.  Touching Jesus is all that matters.
Bro. Timothy and Sis. Rose Dixon     We love each one of you and desire God’s best for you.  Amen.

MESSAGE of the Month March 2023

Truly, we are made overcomers by the blood of the Lamb that has cleansed us from all past sins and as we repent day by day.  The Bible says in addition to that we are overcomers by the word of our testimony.

We as Christians need to set ourselves a goal of being in the Will of the Lord on a daily basis.  We must so that at the end of the way we will hear His glorious Voice, saying, “Welcome home, good and faithful servant.  Enter into the joys of the Lord.”

There will be trials and situations ahead of us that is unknown territory.  To be prepared we must daily enter into His Presence in prayer and study His Word so that we know and understand how to deal with each one we face.

We are nearing the end of time as the Lord often speaks through His servants that His coming is soon.  Luke 21:36 tells us we need to Watch and Pray always.  Remain alert in the Spirit.  We
need to be faithful always as well so our account will be clear with the Lord.  When He is ready for His chosen to take that upward flight, there will not be one second to turn the head to do another thing.  We will need to be well prepared as His Voice will call just once.   Only the overcomers will hear and rise.  Amen.

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Geralyn (Gerry) - April 9th, 2023 at 1:11am

Thank you Timothy for following Gods call & all the blessings this brings to us. I am from San Antonio, TX and was so excited to hear you say on one of your videos that you were coming to San Antonio in April 2023. I don’t see this date on your Event page. Are you still planning to come to San Antonio in April or any other date? If so, when & where. Thank you & God bless. My email:

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