August 2022 Newsletter

God has been blessing and blessing!  We are so happy always to have a good report!  We love and appreciate all your support including your prayers!  He is helping us to bring in this End time Harvest of souls everywhere He sends us.  People are looking for miracles and healings and the precious Word to be preached.  They come with faith expecting and the Lord just moves in wonderful ways to meet the needs.

We recently received a testimony from a precious sister in Texas.  She and her husband came to Ft. Payne to be with us in the June 10, 11, and 12 meetings.  She was going to have back surgery but it was postponed due to finding a tumor in her lung.  The oncologist had diagnosed it as cancer.  Both the Cat scan and Pet scan confirmed it was cancer.  Two weeks ago from Aug. 6, she had gone to the hospital for a lung biopsy.  First, they repeated the Cat scan and found the tumor was down to half the size!  Prayer changes things!  Both her doctors agreed that it was no longer necessary to have the lung biopsy as cancer does not act like that.  This sister said,

“I know that God healed me.  I thank you for your prayers and love.  I am overwhelmed with joy and the love of our Lord.”  We surely praise the Lord right along with her!  Amen!

On Sunday, July 31, 2022, I was in Grand Ridge, FL with Bro. Tim and Sis. Melissa Faircloth.  The Pastor, Bro. Tim, allowed me to preach both services.  The Lord surely moved in both services.  Sun. morning my message was The Jericho Road.  We learn from Jesus telling about the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 how dangerous the road was for travelers.  Since it was the only way from Jerusalem to Jericho, it was a must to travel.  In a situation like this we must trust the Lord and use all the wisdom He gives us.  Same way today.  Every day is different.  We must trust His leading and guidance to get through to where we are heading.

Sun. night a tongues message came forth.  God gave me the lengthy interpretation.  It was filled with signs that we are to look forward to.  Then toward the very last of the service I just walked down from the platform and talked to the congregation.  God brought forth things they needed to hear.

Grand Ridge, FL:  Sunday morning August 21, I preached again at New Beginning.  My message was:  From a Pauper to a King:  The Come Back of America.  The Lord said, I have not forgotten this Nation.  This Nation’s worth saving.  I’m going to save this Nation to save the other nations.
The Lord spoke to me this morning:  This is the TURNING POINT FOR AMERICA.  As gallows turned on Haman, God’s going to turn all this mess in DC.  I saw sickness hit the White House.
The Best is yet to come.  I’m going to call “nobodies” to go into the highways and hedges.  There are sheep of another fold that have been largely rejected by the religious sect.  These must come, too.

During the message I elaborated on Esther, Joseph, and Samson.  The Lord can take whom He will and use them for His purposes to bring to pass His ultimate plan.

Our most recent meeting was in Adrian, GA at the Garden of Prayer Assy of God with Bro. Bobby J. Miller.  It was listed the previous time as Wrightsville, GA.   We were last there Nov. 7, 8 in 2021.  

We began with the service in Adrian, Aug. 26, Friday night.  We surely had a glorious meeting with the Lord’s Presence!  During the meetings I prayed for one man and he fell instantly out in the Spirit and the whole church got their instant blessing in the Holy Ghost!  It was tremendous!
Miracles of many kinds that are very unusual are taking place here and in previous meetings!  Sis. Rose got on the platform for an exhortation and was telling them all how they had to live right to make it and be blessed of the Lord.  Holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.  God is just blessing and blessing and we thank Him and praise Him for it!  

All of our meetings have been just wonderful.  Praise the Lord.  We are so glad for each of you that could attend and be there in person with us.   The Lord has met with us in a most wonderful way.  Needs have been met. Miracles have happened. Those who came to be ministered to have received.  There is no limit on what the Lord can do.  He is the God of the impossible.  Nothing is too hard for Him.  As long as we are reaching out to Him, He is certainly reaching His Hands toward us.

A Word from the Prophet Bro. Timothy Dixon

From our hearts we desire to be His friend and yours.  We are looking at the fields that are white in all directions.  There is much to be done!  There is room for everyone who wants to do the tasks God is wanting them to perform.  We can work together to further His Kingdom here on this earth.  Unity is important as never before.  God needs us all to labor in His vineyard for the Endtime Harvest.  We look forward to serving in this capacity to allow Him to minister through us to His people.  If you don’t yet feel committed to His cause, then take a moment to talk to Him and reassure Him that you are willing to be a recruit in His Army. Amen.

Watch and pray always.  Be diligent.  God will deliver you.  There’s ONE MORE EXODUS COMING!  AMEN!

His servant to His people, I am,
Brother Timothy Dixon

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