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JANUARY is a month of new beginnings.  We are certainly looking forward to a new start and a great move of the Lord in 2023!  His Eyes go to and fro throughout this earth searching for those who will obey Him in this hour.  The fields are white unto Harvest and He is needing more and more laborers to handle the huge Harvest that is awaiting us.  United we stand together in Him as one body of believers who can and will do what He has called us to do:  win souls for this endtime!

I have one special testimony from Dec. 28 when we stopped on the way to McIntosh, AL and prayed for a man who has contended with gout for 20 years.  I made a video of it and titled it:  The Man in the Black Coat.  It’s on You Tube.  After we left, he had this testimony just two hours later:  
It was a humbling experience.  They were all in dress clothes and here I was, standing in flipflops due to the pain in my feet.  They didn’t know me.  I was a total stranger to them and they had no idea I was going to walk up.  Yet all of them after I told them about the gout and showed them the places and told them about the pain for 20 years, laid hands on the places on my elbows and hands and began to pray.  The Man in the Black Coat knelt down like I was some kind of king and for about two minutes laid his hands on my toes and feet and prayed.  He touched my toes that are so ugly I don’t even want to touch them.  I felt no pain only the warmth of his hands.  He told me, “The gout is going to go.”  
Then I decided to walk to my house and just a little ways, I felt literally like I could just fly.  I absolutely felt no pain!  And felt like I could fly!  I first thought of sprinting to the house but then I said to myself that might not be a good idea.  In just seconds one of the ladies drove up and told me to get in that she was not going to let me walk.  So here I am a couple hours later and still no pain!  Praise the Lord.”
I have got to go back to work and tell all my friends!  They know all the pain I have been through.  So many doctor appointments.  Twenty years’ worth of them.  I want everyone to know how it felt when these people prayed for me.  I sure thank everyone of them and especially the Man in the Black Coat.”  To date Derek is still without pain, believing all the gout will go!

SUNDAY, January 1, 2023, New Year’s Day found us in Adrian, GA at Pastor Bobby’s Garden of Prayer Assembly of God Church at his 11:00 AM morning service.  We always enjoy getting invited here.  People love to worship the Lord.  Services are always especially good.  We prayed for one lady who wanted another child but had had miscarriages.  I ministered to her that I felt life inside her being.  God is good to grant our desires.

Sat., Jan. 7, I drove down to Grand Ridge to finish getting our big blue tent up.  The meeting began Jan. 19 with Julie Green who remained the entire time with us.  We have looked forward for months to The Gathering here, knowing a mighty move of the Lord awaited us.

I’d been praying for many months about The Gathering and have done exactly what the Lord has led me to do.  I’ve expected many, many miracles.  Many have written and emailed us they are coming just for prayer to be healed.
Sunday, Jan. 8, we drove down to Grand Ridge for the morning service as well as to gather under the tent to pray in advance for the coming services Jan. 19-25.  Everyone was excited.
We were looking forward to a great and awesome move of the Lord among His people.  This is one gathering you didn’t need to miss!  The blessings of the Lord are going to overtake us!

The morning service was great.  I ministered to some of the people after Pastor Tim Faircloth finished preaching.  People have been praying every day under the tent for The Gathering.  The whole church had prayer Sunday night.  Indeed, we were all excited about these meetings!

There was great anticipation for The Gathering.  The blue/white tent was up looking beautiful.  We had The Gathering sign out front for all to see.  It’s absolutely amazing what God is doing for people right now in Divine Healing.  These services have been absolutely wonderful!


Friday night: Jan. 20:  The Gathering  -- the second night
Prophet Timothy Dixon took the service:
“I see the gifts of God being poured out in our land.  We’re going to go forth as soldiers.  Nothing can take that power away from us.  I feel such a power of God here of healing.
The Lord has spoken to me about 20 times, I’m going to raise the dead.”
Sacramento, CA is fixing to catch on fire!  All of FL will spring forth with a fire!
There’s going to be a WIND to cross ELK Mountain and across Montana and be unusually high Wind.  It will be different.
Portland, OR – spiritual “rain” and revival in the streets.
Australia – God’s fixing to turn that place around.
*I asked for the blind lady to be brought up front to pray for her.  She was blind in both eyes.
After prayer she could see my face!  Praise the Lord for He is the Healer!
*I ministered to an elderly lady in a black jacket the 5th pole back: The Lord’s touching your body and giving you a new heart.  You’ll hurt no more.  No more arthritis.  No pain in your eyeballs and He’s touching your knees and every bit of you.  The Lord’s sending revival to your home!
*Later I ministered to a white haired/white bearded man in a gray shirt:  The Lord’s touching your heart which is weak.  You have needed a miracle.  Your well-being has been going down hill.  When you leave here tonight, you will get dizzy.  Don’t let it scare you.  Your oxygen level is changing due to your miracle for your heart.  He’s making you well.  And I see a business deal.
God is blessing.  He’s turning your finances around.  They’ve been crumbling like cake right before you.  He’s going to lift your finances in every aspect. You’re called to be an evangelist but you have run from it.  The Lord’s touching you tonight.

Thursday night: Jan. 19 at THE GATHERING
This was the opening night and the tent was filled to capacity!  God’s Spirit drew the people and they came to receive from Him.  The Lord and His Angels were all around and everyone present praised and worshipped Him.
Julie Green ministered and did an excellent job.  She truly was filled with compassion for those with whom she prayed and gave them full instructions on how to follow up with maintaining their miracles.  She asked those diagnosed with terminal illnesses to come forward for prayer.
Julie prayed for each of them with love and authority of His Word.  
Saturday morning: Jan. 21 at THE GATHERING
Nancy Alcorn was the speaker for the 10:30 am service.  Again, we had wonderful people who wanted to receive from the Lord.  Nancy shared her work of a lifetime and told how her staff and people around the world have come to know her and the work of MERCY MULTIPLIED of helping unfortunate people reclaim their lives and get busy for God.  
I sang a favorite of many BLIND MAGGIE which went right along with the message Nancy was bringing to us.  Nothing is too hard for God.  There is no life that is too broken for Him to fix.
There are no hard cases for Him.
Saturday night: Jan. 21 at THE GATHERING
Geron Davis and Kindred Souls arrived on stage with blessing after blessing in song!  They stirred the hearts of all with their music and singing.  Holy Ground, a long-time favorite filled the tent atmosphere with the “Angels all around!”
Joanne Hoehne from Bradenton, FL came to the platform with a fresh message from the Lord using Ezek. 37 as a text.  She had a three-point message and began with “There’s hope but for that hope to manifest into miracles, we as well as God have to do something.  Ezekiel spoke God’s words.  We need to speak His Word.  Get in agreement with the Word.  Don’t just talk about the situation.  Speak to it!  TRUTH overrides facts!  God wants to meet you.  We have to do our part so God can do His.  He IS THE MIRACLE WORKER!  The mountain top is our preparation.  The valley is for our calling and purpose.”  

Sunday morning: Jan. 22 at THE GATHERING
Emmanuel Johnson from CA came to the platform rebuking the powers of sickness like arthritis, cancer, heart disease, knee issues, back pains … You are ordained to be here.  There’s a portal on this property.  We’re a part of it.  Receive your healing!  

God’s people are carrying the Presence and Power of God that makes you whole.
The way you keep what you’re receiving is to keep thanking Him.  We’re living in a season where He removes the spirit of heaviness and adorns us with the garments of praise.
This Nation will arise again.  We won’t give up!  There are more with us than with them.  Everywhere we go, we are under His Authority.  The Lord will make good His Word.
Sunday night: Jan. 22 at THE GATHERING
Amanda Grace from NY stood at the podium saying, This year the church shall be shaken.
This is the year of decisions.  You will have to carry MY Mantel and be bold.  This is the fork in the road.  
The church is a place for the sick to get well not a place to enable sin.  Leaders must come under the yoke of His Standard THE WORD.  They must be fully under and have a holy fear of the Lord.  
It’s up to the people of God to come fully under His yoke.  He needs obedience and willingness.  He sees the potential in each of us.  We have to run this race with EXCELLENCE for the Lord!  The key to the door with the Promise behind it, is to perform with EXCELLENCE!  The pain we go through is what brings the Promise.
This Nation needs the Lord at the helm to turn around.  He’s looking for the faithful minority that knows how to war in the Spirit to defeat the wicked majority.  The “seasoned” are being called to the forefront.  
In the most exhausting time in the Nation, you’re going to see CREATIVE miracles!  The Lord wants to pour the oil of Healing out on this Nation.  We have to get our hearts right and keep our faith strong.
Monday night: Jan. 23 at THE GATHERING
Prophet Timothy Dixon:  There’s an Angel that comes to my meetings.  It’s for healings and miracles.  We’re in a day of miracles.  This is a night of miracles.  Tonight is a night of miracles.  God gives miracles to them that need them.  
What you’ve been feeling in this meeting is a shaking of the Power of God.  He’s not done yet.  There’s fixing to be the greatest Power of God that you’ve ever felt in your life flow through this place!  
There are a few of you in this place tonight and you’re dying.  If God doesn’t move for you, you’re not going to live long.
Jesus has commissioned me and others here saying, In My Name you’ll cast out devils, heal the sick, raise the dead …  This is the night of a miracle.  There’re miracles in this place in this tent because the Master I live for never fails.  He’s a Healer.  He’s a Divine Healer.
The ministers who are here who have come to help me are going to walk through here and there’s nothing going to stand before us.  There’s nothing that can stand before us.
I curse this Parkinson’s. Satan, you can’t have him anymore! You must bow to the Name and go.
Then for about an hour or more we walked among the people praying and they got miracles!

Lift your hands high and praise Him for the miracles He’s done in this place tonight!  There’s nobody like You, Jesus! You’re the Master of the sea and the Maker of the rain.  At the Name of Jesus satan has to bow and leave.  The blind see.  The deaf hear.  The lame walk.  Thank Him for the miracles!  Lord, we praise You!  Thank You for the move of God in our souls!  Hallelujah!                                                                                                            *****

Oh, Lamb of God, sweep over my soul!  Sweet Spirit, sweep over my soul.  My rest is complete while I sit at Your feet.  Sweet Spirit sweep over my soul.  Lift your hands to Jesus!  Hallelujah!  There’s nobody like Jesus!  Somebody help me praise Him!  Give glory to the King of kings and to the Lord of lords!  Sweep over our souls, O Lamb of God!  Praise Him, the King of kings and the Lord of lords for all He has done under this Gospel Tent tonight!  Amen.

We really want to thank Geron Davis and Kindred Souls and The Isaacs for coming and providing such Spirit-filled music.  The music during the time we pray for the people is such an inspiration to provide the background to promote an atmosphere of faith.  Songs Monday night during prayer were: Jesus on the Mainline, I’ve Got It, I Believe, You are Great, There’s Something About that Name, Sweep over My Soul, There’s No Telling What God Will Do and This is a House of Miracles.
Tuesday night: Jan. 24 at THE GATHERING
Julie Green had the Word of the Lord for this night.  She began with allowing the Lord to give a prophetic utterance.  Throughout her message after she began preaching, she reiterated how we need to focus on speaking only what His Word says.  We must confess what He says in His Word to go forward.  We must believe it and say words of life, liberty and victory.  We must be in agreement with Him and His Word always.  We need to focus on His Word for deliverance.
Miracles do not always come easy.  There are times we have to fight for our miracles.  Confess faith.  Do not allow yourself to be doubtful.  Confess LIFE not death.  Thank the Lord.  Praise Him for what He’s done and what He’s going to do.
Wednesday night: Jan. 25 at THE GATHERING
Prophet Timothy Dixon:  April 13, 2023 will make 40 years of preaching for the Lord.  The Power of God has been so elevated here in this meeting.  Tonight is going to be very special.  Let your heart reach out to Jesus.  Let the Lord bless you tonight.  It’s going to be special tonight.  The Glory of God is here.  SONG:  This Is Just What Heaven Means to Me.
The Lord spoke to me today to share something with you tonight that’s going to bless your soul and it’s going to go home with you.
We can’t make it without each other.  One of the things that brings down ministries is the lack of unity which will destroy them.
The morning of February 26, 2022 I came back into my bed after a glorious visitation of being taken from my bed into Heaven.  It is really an undescrible journey.  It was so awesome!  I heard the song, I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy, the entire time.  Ananias who saw Paul met me at the gate and carried me through the City.  Nearing the Throne I was overwhelmed with what He had done for me.  I fell on my knees and started crying.  I looked at Ananias and said, I want to see Jesus.  When I looked into His eyes of blue, it was like oceans of love.  I couldn’t comprehend such a place so majestic and glorious.  Can I just stay?
When I came back to my bed, I cried for hours.  It was all so glorious!
He knelt and raised his hands.  I want everyone to go to this place.  It was such an experience.  It changed me that night.  I’ll never be the same.  It did something inside of me.  I cried out, Lord, help me to reach lost souls.  I want everyone to go with me.  When I was 18, the pastor said, Give your life to Jesus and He’ll set you on fire.  That is what He has done for me.

INVITATION:  If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, I want you to come down to the front here and we will pray with you.  I want so much for everyone to go to Heaven with me.  Some came.
Prayer was made.
Then Bro. Emmanuel Johnson extended the invitation to come if any unforgiveness was in the hearts.  Quite a few came and received prayer.
He then invited all that were called to be ministers to come forward.  He told them there was going to be a shift.  He related a story and left them with “no matter what comes, preach this Gospel.”
Prophet Timothy came back to say:  This is a new beginning, a new day, a new start, a brand new year of the Holy Ghost, a new walk, a new ground, a new place where we’ve never been before.
My wife Rose and I want to thank all of you for being in this meeting and for all you have done.
We love everyone of you and sincerely appreciate everything.

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 Words from Our Hearts to Yours
As we are on the verge of entering into another month of 2023, there is so very much to be thankful for.  We have come through in the natural one of the worst few days of winter weather that we have seen in years.  Yet the Lord made the way for our week of meetings in Grand Ridge, FL under the Gospel Tent a glorious time.  People have been healed, set free and delivered!  There is new hope springing up in the hearts of those who were able to be in these meetings.
We’ve had unity among all the ministries who participated.  God has just anointed and blessed like only He can.
Prayers went out to all who were present.  The Lord reached out to all who reached out to Him for any need they had.  The light has been turned on in the lives of those who were hungry and thirsty for righteousness.  Each one will return to do a work for God in the area from which they came.  
We want each of you to know we appreciate and love you for anything and everything you are doing for the work of the Lord and this ministry.  We are reaching out to do our best with His help and direction to bring the Word and healings and miracles to your area or close enough you will be able to attend.
This country is about to be turned around by the MIGHTY HAND OF THE LIVING GOD!  Nothing will be the same.  He is in the process of turning the hearts of souls to the Harvest.  He’s got Angels all over the place visiting those who need Him the most.
Pray like you have never prayed before!  God is moving!  We see it every day!  No stone will be unturned!  We are seeing and will see more and more of revivals breaking out and souls people thought would never be saved, will come into the Kingdom.
As the time draws nigh, lift your eyes to Him and believe He will help you do the part He has asigned to you for His Kingdom.  Together we will get the job done!  Only believe!  All things are possible to him who believes!  Amen!

In His Service Always,
Bro. Timothy and Sis. Rose Dixon


John. Jones - February 20th, 2023 at 11:54pm

How I wish that I could attend church and the great meetings that are going on . I am an invalid , unable to walk or even hardly ser up . I counted , and if I didn’t miss anything , there are 24 or more things wrong with me . I know that Jesus is going to heal me . I firmly believe that when He does . I will be called into His service, whatever He has in store for me I accept with much enthusiasm and love for Him .

Love the prophets and their prophecies. I believe wholeheartedly in about six . I’m sure that there are more . But these I have found no reason to distrust them in any way . I lift them up in prayer always . I am looking for waters to working in this great Harvest . Onward Doldiers of Christ , March on unto the work that He has set before us . Let us not falter nor fail . But stand as true Ministers of our Savior . May God watch over us all . To God we give honor and praise Amen

Kathy Keyster - February 21st, 2023 at 11:10am

I hear you are coming to Peoria Il on March 23. Can you please send information to me! I have several friends I be turned on to you n Robin n we would all like to come! Thanks so much! Been with you thru your trucking days! God Bless

Melissa Hamilton - February 25th, 2023 at 4:52am

When are you coming to Abbeville, SC for the tent revival? What is the date, time and address?

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