April 2022 Newsletter

Praise the Lord!  We already have a full schedule for the month of April and looking forward to every minute of it!  God surely blessed us during March in so many ways.    We are going strong in the Lord to be the blessing He wants us to be to every soul we meet.  Please remember to pray daily for us and for souls to be reached in these meetings.  So many good testimonies have come out of our March meetings!  We thank Him for all He does!

Garden of Prayer in Wrightsville, GA on April 3,4,5.  Two services on Sunday and 7pm services Mon. and Tues. nights.  The meeting in Wrightsville was absolutely awesome!  The Power of God was present every night.  All through the meeting there were healings that the Lord would reveal by the Spirit and the Gift of the Word of Knowledge.   On the last night I had a prayer line.  A lady passed through and the Lord told me to bring her back.  She had cancer and was dying.  I told her that and she began to weep.  You could feel the Healing Power of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the whole church.  It was a POWERFUL meeting!  Praise the Lord!  There was a Presence in this meeting that was so HOLY.  I have never felt anything like it!

We attended the Spring Conference at Regeneration Nashville with Bro. Kent Christmas.  I held the Friday morning service.  It was so unusual the way the Spirit of the Lord just moved in.  Two men who were dying with cancer were ministered to and God really moved!  I felt the mighty power of God!  The Angel of the Lord was in the service.  I told the crowd of believers that I was setting up a highway for what God was fixing to do.  I said, We’re at a crossroads by Divine appointment.  God has raised us up like He did Esther “for such a time as this!”  There’s something really strange in this place.  All you’ve got to do is reach out to Him.  I feel the power of the Lord here.  Just let Him touch you.  Wade out into the Spirit.  Don’t you feel something like a wave coming into this place – like water coming into it?  

There’s a Power of God here.  I know this is unusual.   I saw a Power – Presence of God set down in this place that could not be denied.  This is getting you ready for the service tonight.
This service is preparing you for something MASSIVE that’s going to happen tonight.  

Hold on!  Reach out with all that is within you!  We have Angels appointed for such a time as this!  Nothing can stop what God is doing now!  We’re standing on Holy Ground!  If we could see in the Spirit Realm, we’d see the Angels standing all around!  The Lord is walking among you.  We’re standing in the greatest miracles our eyes have ever seen.  These unusual services will likely be the ones where the Lord moves the most!

The Lord is trying to prepare us to be LED BY THE SPIRIT.  In these coming days of Divinely ordered services literally thousands will fall at that ANOINTING.  Thousands will be touched by what they can’t see.  The Lord said, I’m fixing to move to shake the world.  

What He’s doing right now, there’s not a book that will hold the healings and miracles!  You’re going to have to find out how to worship Him.  His deliverance is coming to set God’s own free from years of bondage.  

These miracles He is doing and fixing to raise the dead are awesome!  I’ve seen the cars of coroners backing up to these very front doors and bringing the caskets in before they take them anywhere else!  Something is in this place and the devil can’t stand it!

I began seeing in this place since I got here this morning, a WORD delivering the people here.
It’s a change unknown to them taking place in their hearts.  This is mainly because Bro. Kent is the Pastor.  The Lord is getting you ready.  The Lord’s going to take Nashville and bring it to these doors!

The Lord told me today, You’re standing in a DIVINE appointed day because of the time of the endtime harvest.  This Word, you’re a part of and the manifestation of what He’s done.  You’re feeling a great power that America’s changing.  You can feel it in the air.  Your spirit is different.  There is a CHANGE!

There’s a RIVER flowing today!  He’s carrying us to a new level.  There’s such a POWER here in this place this morning.  You won’t be able to take it tonight!  There’s a POWER of God that’s already RESTING in here.  Miracles will happen by the spoken Word!

No longer will there be just one to spearhead a revival.  His chosen will have the ministry of Jesus.  I’m thankful You let me be a part of this!  Lord, we love You!  Can’t you feel a RIVER flowing through here?  Something’s taking place in the very atmosphere!  The Lord is healing us and “softening hearts” and preparing us.  God has prepared you this day.  He’s elevated you by His Spirit for tonight so He can “pour” out tonight.   I feel such a Glory of God this morning.

He has a DIVINE ORDER and this is just how He has chosen to do it.  He’s reaching deep within us and melting any hardness of hearts.  He’s showing up and bringing you up to a higher place.
The Master is coming tonight.  Healing is here.  Miracles are here.  Can’t you feel His Glory?
That Glory of His can change a million things!

On April 15, 2022, a Friday night, I began preaching under a tent in Huntington, TX at the Revival House Church.  One of the visions I shared with the audience was I had seen a big tent and a coroner had pulled up a van and parked it.  He had rolled the coffin out.  The man of God went out to the coffin and raised the dead!

When I was in TN recently, I saw revival break out in TX somewhere and the dead were being raised.  This very day I saw REVIVAL break out in TX and you couldn’t close it!  The Lord is fixing to raise the dead right here in TX!  This will shake this place!  Something’s fixing to happen in TX.  SO BIG!  A NOTABLE MIRACLE!

The Lord is manifesting in such POWER!  He’s giving visitations of power like never before!
I told the people tonight you’re going to go home and experience something like you’ve never felt before.  This ANOINTING under this tent is going home with you!  Some of you are going to have testimonies of what the Lord has done here tonight.  

I feel to have a prayer line tomorrow night, Saturday.  Someone who is dying is going to be healed.

Then on Saturday night I preached on the Sufferings of Jesus using Mt. 26:49 as my text.  Afterwards we prayed for all who needed or wanted prayer.  The Lord reached down to one and all who were looking up to Him in a mighty way.

Sunday morning came and I began preaching on “Sound an Alarm to My People.”  I began my text in Mt. 24:43 “Watch” – Be ready – The Son of man cometh.  Then Acts 27:25 where Paul was on the ship in a horrific storm:  I believe it shall be even as it was told me.  Sound an alarm to My people.  Blow the trumpet in Zion.  I gave several examples of natural disasters where people were killed due to taking situations for granted instead of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.  

I saw a dark cloud hovering over America.  I could feel the darkness that was coming.  God’s going to hold back the evil in America for His revival.  

There’s a darkness coming to this country.  You will see it in your lifetime.  Last night the Lord said, Warn the people.  Harden your face like flint.  Disregard what they say.  Tell them and don’t draw back.  

We’ve got to “stay on the boat.”  There’s an “ark of safety” here in the Hands of Jesus.
You’re fixing to see some awful things. No reason for fear as we are not appointed to wrath.  But you’ll see the greatest move of God that ever swept this land!  He’s raising up His army the rest of this month, May and the rest of this year.  There will be supernatural healings in every denomination!  Faith in your hearts will EXPLODE!  The supernatural is at the door.  It will be the greatest move of God.  It will look ugly all around but look for the FOURTH MAN!  The best is yet to come!  Like never before you’ll see the Hand of God do the miraculous miracles!

The Lord is fixing to take a television news media that will tell the truth about all that has happened.  

I announced the last service of these meetings is tonight, Sunday.  I feel something very POWERFUL!

Sunday night:  I had lain down after lunch.  The Lord came to me in a dream and told me some things.  It’s imperative that we reach the place in God to believe TRUTH.  Rev. 7:9,2 then

Eph. 4:30 (sealed unto the Day of Redemption) and Acts 4:29 where after they were beaten, they were filled again with the Holy Ghost.

He that endures to the end shall be saved.  We have nothing to fear.  We have to need deliverance before He comes on the scene:  Daniel in the lions’ den, three Hebrew men in the fiery furnace, Israelites at the Red Sea, etc.  The supernatural will happen to the believer.  I saw a people coming out of all these denominations to stand in God on their own.  Church as we know it is going to change.  Prepare yourselves for such a time as this.  Creative miracles are coming soon!  A POWER is going to be poured out of Heaven giving His own the power to stand.
Unity is fixing to come and bring us together.  In this closing hour the Lord will prove Himself so

What the Lord’s fixing to do for His people, will be astonishing!  Fixing to see things come to pass never seen before.  This will turn souls to Him throughout the nations.
SIGN:  There will be the GREATEST SHAKING REVIVAL among the NATIONS.  Fixing to be the greatest move of God you’ve ever heard of.

I saw the dividing of the U.S.  The Capital was moved.  I’ve seen this several times.

The meeting I have felt of the Lord for the Alabama Jubilee in Ft. Payne at the Fairgrounds on June 10,11,12 is going to turn things around there.  This is going to send a spirit of REVIVAL that will remain there!

Just finished four great services in Axis, AL at the Freedom Apostolic Church where Bro. Ray and Rita Rivers pastor.   We were there Fri. and Sat. nights at 7:00 pm.  

Saturday night I shared a recent dream where I looked out over an ocean and saw darkness coming toward us.  Finally saw a ship in its midst with ZION on both sides of it and Jesus standing on the ship.  People closed their ears and eyes not wanting to be warned of what was coming!  I had a previous dream 40 years ago about this same thing.  I wrote a song about it back then and called it, “Goodbye My Fellow People.”

We’ve got to hold on!  God is NOT through!  God’s held back the one world government.  He will keep His people.  Not one hair will perish.

I had a short dream in which I saw Pres. Trump.  Those who came into the office where he was had to use security badges that have to be swiped electronically.  It looked like he was getting ready to take the government back.  Things were in preparation behind closed doors.

Then Sunday morning at 10:30 am we all took communion honoring our Lord and Savior. Afterwards I shared a vision the Lord gave me Sat. night.  There is much to pray about with laws being made in secret and passed so that private citizens’ homes will no longer be private but can be searched and if they are considered rebellious, just cart them off to Guantanamo Bay!  

Every service we rejoiced in His Healing Power and Presence.  The Lord has been so good to protect us in our travels.  We are happy for all the good things He has done in these April 2022 meetings.  The people have been blessed and have had miracles.  We have prayed for many who had cancer and seen them healed.

We definitely want to direct your attention again to the glorious jubilee meeting June 10,11,12 of just a few weeks away.  This is going to be possibly the greatest event thus far in our lifetime.
God is going to move in a mighty way.  If you have yet to do a RSVP, go to my website and take care of that now.  Tickets are free for the services.  You will need to sign up so we will have a good idea of how many are coming.  (Vending will be available for buying food.)

So many different groups will be there to sing and there’ll be preaching and prayer for the sick.
If you are at all able to join us in Ft. Payne, AL at the Fairgrounds, you will be blessed.  God had laid this on my heart months ago in 2021.  This jubilee is going to bring a revival and a refreshing to this area that will remain.

Thank all of you for your prayers and everything you do for us.  We appreciate everything!
God bless is our prayer for you!

Keep your letters and prayer requests coming to us.  We are faithful to read and pray for them.

Bro. Timothy and Sis. Rose Dixon

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