July 2022 Newsletter

Praise the Lord!  The Ft. Payne, AL tent meeting July 10,11,12 was just as awesome as could ever have been expected!  Souls saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, miracles, signs and wonders, good preaching, prophecy, great singing, wonderful fellowship and a refreshing of spirits in the Presence of the Lord.  We will be there again next year and it will be even better!  So, plan to be with us.  As soon as we have dates, we will begin letting you know!  Thanks to all of you who attended and to all who helped make it a success in the Lord!

Our first July meeting was held in Griffin, GA.  Abiding Love Community Church opened its doors wide for a HEALING CONFERENCE.  The very first night, which was Friday, July 1, at 7pm, was very POWERFUL with healings, and ministering to the people.  God was really moving in a great, great way.  

This meeting that was in Griffin, GA was absolutely Powerful!  There was a very, very good crowd of people.  So much so, they were standing on the outside!  Outstanding miracles were taking place!

The Spirit of the Lord amazes me as to how He reveals to me the things that people are going through:  their sicknesses, their heartaches and many other things.  It’s like I’m reading a book about them!  It was surely a great meeting.

Safford, AZ meeting at Desert Springs Community Church: evening services 6:00 pm MTST and Sun. morning at 10:30 am MTST.  Friday, July 15, 2022, Sat., July 16, and Sun., July 17.
Even on July 13 I said, I feel a great deliverance meeting out here from things that the people are struggling with.

We had a wonderful meeting in AZ.  It was really good.  God really moved for the people out there.  So many miracles!  When you see things like this – what’s been going on lately for the last year – you think back.  You just haven’t seen these kinds of miracles lately.  
We are in a time that the Lord is fixing to show Who He Is to the whole world.  He’s got plans He wants to carry out.  And He will carry them out.

The Apache Tribe sat on the front the first night.  They welcomed me into their Tribe.

We appreciate all the prayers for Sis. Rose as her mother passed to Heaven Wed. morning, July 20, 2022.  We had her funeral at 10:00 am Fri., July 22.  She was a wonderful Christian lady who loved the Lord.  She loved to sing and to pray with people and to pray for others.  She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.  

I’m looking forward to being with Bro. Kent Christmas at the August Conference, Aug. 11-13.  Then Bro. Robin Bullock in September has his new church opening.

The Lord has much in store in the remainder of 2022.  Let’s serve Him with all our hearts and look forward to all His blessings ahead.  Remember us in prayer.  Amen.

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