October 2022 Newsletter

September held many cherished meetings.  God is absolutely good to allow us to meet together and enjoy His Presence.  The retreat in WA state with my wife, Rose, is one that every person there will long remember.  Then the revival at Church International with the Bullocks turned out awesome services.  We are so happy people are praying and fasting and seeing results.  The remainder of the year holds good things in store as well.  Miracles will happen and restoration of lives will occur.  Let us hold on to His unchanging Hand as He leads the way through October! 
Praise the Lord from Whom all blessings flow!

I JUST HELD ON: Testimony of being healed by cancer:
The Lord is good all the time.  He is ever mindful of us and never takes His eyes off us as we are His very own children.  I have a powerful testimony of a man being healed of cancer.  I ministered to him in the balcony of Regeneration Nashville a year ago telling him he had cancer but God was going to heal him.  Well, it didn't happen instantaneously.  But it did happen!  Things, as a matter of fact, began looking worse like God had not even spoken.  But both the man and his wife knew- absolutely knew and believed God had spoken and they both kept on believing.  That is the KEY. Once you begin believing, DO NOT allow the enemy to cause doubt, fear, and unbelief to invade your mind and heart.  Be strong. Stand firm. God said it and He won't fail to accomplish the very word He sent forth by the mouth of His Prophet.

The man's very own dentist told him his jawbones had completely deteriorated and that he was facing very serious surgery due to the cancer.  As for facts, this was true.  However, the man without blinking an eye, stood his ground in God, and said, I am healed!  The dentist of course, didn't believe and just thanked him for his optimism.

After holding on to the Word of the Lord from the mouth of His Prophet for about a year, that WORD moved in that man, and he was completely healed of the highest reading of cancer ever to be known by that same dentist! He just held on till the storm was over!

Fall Conference in Atoka, TN. Bro. Timothy:  Sat. night a 7:00pm and Sun. morning at 11:00am. Healings and miracles!  Mighty Presence of the Lord!  Several were ministered to.  I brought a word on the Fall of a Giant.  We here in America have much to look forward to.  The Giant is going to fall! Sunday morning, I was amazed at the way the Lord moved as the people began to worship in song and there was a heavy Presence of the Lord.  My wife, Rose, and I minister to quite a few people.  It was a Glory filled service.  People were healed and refreshed as the Spirit of the Lord moved. God brought a reviving to them that went home with them.

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